NFP Technology

How NFP Works?

Natural Fingerprint Technology (NFP) employs computer vision, AI, and neural networks to capture and analyze the unique micro 3D topography of an object's surface. This process creates a distinct digital fingerprint, which is then stored securely either on the cloud, on-premise, or on the blockchain. Users can utilize a dedicated mobile app to scan an object with their smartphone's camera, and the system applies complex algorithms to compare the scanned data with the stored digital fingerprints. Utilizing a neural network's processing capabilities, NFP ensures instant retrieval of the authenticity results, providing a seamless real-time verification process without the need for human intervention. The whole process underlines the technological synergy between computer vision, neural networks, and real-time data management.

Technology Workflow

NFP vs Other Technologies

Revolutionizing Anticounterfeiting with Natural Fingerprint Technology (NFP)

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