nftania's Team


Ever since Nftania's team delved into Web 3, around a year ago; our team started learning about everything NFTs ! Whether from the community itself or by digging deep into the fabric of the underlying blockchain ! Our goal was to explore what problems in the market stand out the most, and the absence of utility from most of NFT projects was the clear winner. We then focused all our teams efforts and expertise around this one particular area to figure out why such a fundamental concept such as "utility" is simply not there ! Following first principles, this was a problem really worth solving.

Being builders ourselves; we did all the coding, business model innovation, product development and marketing ourselves. Our previous "lives" as doxxed serial entrepreneurs taught us to always get busy into putting the actual work before talking the talk, so after spending the past year grinding, we're now pleased to put into the hands of the community our finest creation! "The NFT2.0"


Aside from being entrepreneurs, two of our team members are fortunate to have had strong technical acumen; the result of a 20 years accumulate workings in startups and with technology.

This background has made possible to develop a robust fingerprinting technology to enable "NFTe'ing" most fungibles; which is the bedrock of NFT 2.0. Furthermore, the development of this object fingerprinting technology, or call it the natural "QR-Code" for Web 3.0, has greatly required and utilized the team's knowledge in fields of intellectual property (patents) and other domain specific areas like computer vision, information theory, signal and image processing, machine learning, cryptography among other important coding skills in Python, Solidity and Web technologies. Our team members hold various degrees in Electrical & Industrial Engineering and Computer Science.


Disruptive innovation, algorithmS - product architect

Serial entrepreneur, inventor and product visionary. Kushion Man helped cofound 7+ high tech startups and has worked in multinationals.

Kushion Man is a trend spotter, futurist and avid designer/executor of disruptive business models. Started and helped create a number of startups spanning 2 Edtechs, 2 SaaS Startups, 2 Consumer Electronics Companies and One AI startup.

Being a Computer Vision Expert, Kushion Man is Nftania's Fingerprint Tech Algorithm designer. Likes competitive swimming, German Shepherds and Meditation.


growth hacker, blockchain developer - partnerships

A tech guru, 18yrs serial entrepreneur, problem solver, consumer devices expert, e-commerce expert,  prolific inventor, and Nftania's Solidity Smart Contracts Coder & Designer.

Nftanian-X is a Crypto Hustler and Coder, who has Worked with Kushion man for the entire past 18 years of their careers. Nftanian-X is also the Inventor of the Physical User Interface PUI as opposed to GUI and has completed the Andreessen Horowitz Crypto School a16z.

Loves philanthropy, connecting with people, and dreaming Big.


VISUAL COMMS, MARKETING Officer & Community manager

Avid business developer, with knowledge in developing viral marketing campaigns regardless of the market or industry. The Bone has massive experience in supply chain and operation management having worked  across different services sectors namely Oil and Gas and High-tech manufacturing plants.

Talented meme creator, his role in Nftania the role of a Chief Meme Officer, A Community Manager and is responsible of all Visual Communications and story telling.

John adores fishing, making jokes and experimenting with medicinal herbs, has two adorable twin daughters.


solidity dev, avid gamer & COMMUNITY ENGAGEMENT,

G-Bean is a world ranked gamer, who works with Nftania as a solidity dev. When not coding G-Bean is ferociously gaming in the metaverse where G-Bean actually lives!

As a gamer, G-Bean will be actively co-managing Nftania's discord community to make sure it's equally as engaging as a game!

G-Bean besides gaming adores parkour, swimming  and body building.