Khaled Kalaldeh

CEO & Co-Founder

With over 20 years of seasoned leadership, entrepreneurship, and inventive prowess, Khaled navigates the helm at Nftania, orchestrating the company's journey in revolutionizing asset identification and verification through Natural Fingerprint Technology (NFP). His extensive expertise in Blockchain, AI, ML, and Computer Vision is a cornerstone in Nftania’s technological advancement, ensuring a robust integration between these cutting-edge technologies and Nftania’s unique NFP solution. Under his stewardship, Nftania has blossomed into a beacon of innovation, offering a gamut of services from real-time authentication to asset tokenization, all orchestrated to combat the menace of counterfeiting.

Beyond his CEO role, Khaled is an adept technologist, often delving into the realms of machine learning, neural networks, and AI, ensuring Nftania stays at the cutting edge of technology. His hands-on approach in overseeing the technological facet of Nftania not only drives the company's innovative edge but fosters a culture of continual learning and adaptation. Khaled’s journey, dotted with successful entrepreneurial ventures, multi-million dollar project orchestrations, and a keen eye for innovation, embodies a blend of visionary leadership and technical acumen, propelling Nftania on a trajectory of meaningful impact and growth in the anti-counterfeiting space.

Tawfiq Sa'deddin

Co-Founder & Chief Business Development Officer

With over 20 years of entrepreneurial and technical expertise, leads as the Chief Business Development Officer at Nftania Labs since June 2020. His journey at Nftania has been instrumental in developing a distinct value proposition, propelling the company to the forefront of asset digitization. Tawfeeq has pioneered strategic alliances with industry stalwarts and thought leaders, enhancing Nftania's stature in the emerging Internet of Goods economy. His adept understanding of the evolving NFT landscape, coupled with a deep technical grasp, has provided Nftania with a comprehensive perspective on market dynamics and trends. These efforts have fortified an authenticated link between digital tokens and their physical counterparts, marking a significant stride towards guaranteed asset authenticity.

Apart from forming high-profile partnerships, Tawfeeq's role has been multifaceted, enveloping utility design and technology assessment to ensure a seamless bridge between the digital and physical realms. His extensive experience in Web3/NFT, Edtech, Fintech, and other sectors, has fostered a conducive environment for innovation at Nftania. Tawfeeq’s background as a tech guru, serial entrepreneur, and a featured speaker at platforms like TEDx, underpins his ability to drive strategic business development initiatives. His enduring commitment to combating counterfeiting through leveraging advanced technologies like AI and blockchain manifests in Nftania's progressive trajectory towards an unbreakable, real-time asset authentication and provenance solution.

Shadi kurmush

Chief Commercial Officer

Shadi Kurmush, with his extensive 19-year tenure in the ICT sector, embodies a wealth of expertise and strategic insight as the Chief Commercial Officer (CCO) at Nftania. His professional narrative is enriched by distinguished stints at industry behemoths like Red Hat and Nokia, where he honed his acumen in strategic account management, technical sales engagement, and cloud-centric business transformation. These competencies resonate profoundly with Nftania's pioneering mission.

Shadi’s illustrious track record of driving sales augmentation and cultivating enduring client alliances is a testament to his business savvy. His career is adorned with notable accolades such as Outstanding Sales Performance and Innovative Deal Awards, accentuating his formidable sales leadership.

At Nftania, Shadi spearheads the orchestration of sales strategies, channel management, and business development endeavors. His legacy as a Cloud Business Transformation Executive and Head of Mobile Broadband Core at Nokia, coupled with his Sales Manager role at Red Hat, has refined his aptitude in technical scoping, pricing strategy, and Go-to-Market & Early Adoption Strategies.

His adeptness in managing pivotal accounts and nurturing collaborative liaisons with Tier 1 clientele across the Middle East & Africa region is instrumental in propelling Nftania's channel programs and strategic accounts forward.

Shadi’s exhaustive experience in sales leadership, account proliferation, and business metamorphosis within the tech milieu, especially in the realms of cloud and telco cloud, is a treasured asset as Nftania navigates its trajectory. His adept negotiation prowess and dynamic presentation skills, amalgamated with his knack for fostering lasting client rapport, dovetail seamlessly with Nftania’s vision of amalgamating physical assets with the cyber metaverse. Under Shadi's stewardship, Nftania is poised for a burgeoning epoch of commercial triumph and client gratification, fortifying its stance as a vanguard in anti-counterfeiting solutions.

Zaid Abdel Raouf

VP Customer Success

As the VP of Customer Success at Nftania, Zaid Saad Addin brings a robust blend of operational expertise and technical acumen to ensure seamless deployment and optimization of Nftania's anti-counterfeiting solutions for our clientele. With over 14 years of diverse experience in operations management, procurement, and production supervision across high-tech educational products and e-commerce sectors, Zaid has honed a multi-faceted skill set that is crucial for the meticulous deployment of Nftania's hardware and software on customer sites. His proficient management of end-to-end operations, from product development to customer satisfaction at organizations like Amazing Tools Ltd., AMZ, and Ketab Technologies Ltd., illustrates his adeptness in navigating complex operational landscapes. Being trilingual in Chinese, English, and Arabic, Zaid can effectively liaise between Nftania and our global customer base, ensuring a harmonious implementation and training process that resonates with the unique needs of each client.

Zaid's role at Nftania extends beyond deployment; he is instrumental in conducting comprehensive training programs that empower our clients to leverage the full spectrum of Nftania's offerings. His background as an Industrial Engineer coupled with an illustrious career in managing, sourcing, and ensuring the quality of tech-driven products makes him a linchpin in fostering a culture of excellence and customer-centricity at Nftania. His tenure at Noahs’ Ark Tech, where he managed procurement, coordinated sales targets, and monitored installation and support team performance, underscores his ability to drive customer success through meticulous attention to detail and an unwavering commitment to client satisfaction. Through collaborative channel management and strategic account nurturing, Zaid endeavors to uphold Nftania's ethos of delivering unparalleled value and indelible solutions in the realm of anti-counterfeiting, reinforcing our brand's promise of authenticity and security in every engagement.

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