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Natural Fingerprint Technology (NFP) AN AI technology that enables the identification, authentication, and tracing of any object by extracting its natural fingerprint that represents the object's unique micro 3D topography, which is  impossible to reproduce, clone, or replace. all done Using only a Smartphone’s camera.

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NFTANIA’s Technology Advantages


Utilizes existing characteristics of objects, requiring no alterations or added tags, preserving the integrity and originality of the item.

100% Accurate

Delivers precise authentication, guaranteeing complete reliability in identifying genuine items without false positives or negatives.

Can't be Cloned or Replaced

Unique fingerprints are impossible to duplicate or alter, ensuring foolproof security against counterfeiting.

Easy To Use & Instant Results

User-friendly design provides immediate authenticity verification, requiring no special training or expertise, suitable for various users.

NFTANIA’s Solutions & Applications


Authenticate your products with the highest with 100% accuracy no training or expertise is required

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Automatically generate Unique non-invasive ID for each unit,eliminating the need for stickers, printing or tags.

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Create an immutable natural link between the physical asset and its NFT. ensure physical provenance and authenticity

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Enable real-time inventory accuracy across all supply chain stages, with data stored either on cloud or on blockchain

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Revolutionizing Anticounterfeiting with Natural Fingerprint Technology (NFP)

Anticounterfeiting Solutions for Every Industry

Redefining authenticity and security to meet the unyielding challenges of today's interconnected global marketplace.

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