$NFT2 tokenomics


free mint By airdrop$NFT2 TOKENS ARE a free mint ticket

Lately free mints became the recent meta of the NFT space, but soon things got worse as most forks are now free minting rendering a red ocean underneath. The space does not need all the brutely "honest" collections being utility-free! We believe the space badly needs "real" utility-rich collections.

 NFT2 is a smart airdrop that reserves the minter's right to rightfully own their mint based on their own credentials derived from both their twitter's NFT contribution recognized by the community [number of followers] and NFT purchasing history [Incoming NFT Transactions]. All airdrops are tradable and convertible into the NFTANIANS and NFTANIA EGGs NFT collections.

utility token

We believe that every token holder must be entitled to a proportional amount of utility, because in the absences of rewarding utility "trading/speculation activities" become the ONLY way to generate "VALUE" out of such tokens, which means that some will always gain while others will certainly loose (ZERO-SUM-GAME).

Aiming for everybody to "win" maybe far fetched as a goal, especially in a pure trading scenario, because quite often the governing game theoretic dynamics kick-in and lead to the known pump & dump; yet, an "everybody wins" mantra could still be possible if everyone gets a fair chance to convert their tokens to the intended utility, anyone who sees and believes in a longer term value and vision of the project must win! Nftania's $NFT2 is not against token trading, but on the contrary; $NFT2 is prepared to be listed on DEXs as a tradable-token but with real underlying appreciating utility.

Here are the three main characteristic of the $NFT2 token/launch strategy that will make it a different utility token :

1. DEFLATIONARY SUPPLYNFT collections are historically limited in mint supply but that does not make them truly deflationary more than it makes them collections with scarcity. Though, what makes a token truly deflationary, is the simultaneous increases in both its quantity scarcity and most importantly its intrinsic value. But isn't that a catch-22 situation? 

Because the inherent token value is usually a result of the token's reduced "burned" supply that in turns increases demand and hence the price. So the question is, how to first increase a token value even before reducing its supply? Increasing the value of $NFT2 tokens comes from the ability to "convert/exchange" an $NFT2 to a "higher" asset class while in the process the $NFT2 token itself ceases to exist in circulation as it convert to the new asset class; hence $NFT2 tokens become truly deflationary with the increase of their total value locked as they tokenizes real utilities; namely the fingerprint-accepting NFT 2.0 ERC-1155 token and the NFTANIA ERC-721 NFT. These assets are what makes $NFT2 tokenomics a non-zero sum game.
2. FAIR LAUNCH SCHEMEsWe believe fair launches are key to success to ensure network effects within a token ecosystem, as fair launches give an open opportunity for everyone through a well-distributed Airdrop, the function of the presale sale offers participants an equal chances in getting the most rewarding token price vs utility. To name a few "fair" metrics for $NFT2 are; the opportunity for the community to create the liquidity pool in the presale stage, also allowing the community to have a presale stage to buy more $NFT2 tokens convertible into Nftanians (Nftania's NFT collection) and NFT2.0 Eggs. Last but not least the Airdrop itself is based on current social influence plus the NFT purchase history of each community member, also the $NFT2 token airdrop can significantly increase based on the social engagement a community member conducts with the project's Airdrop.
3. FOMO FADES LAST !FOMO is undeniably the driving engine of any successful projects because attention is the everlasting currency of the crypto and NFT communities, yet the problem of attention is that it fades quickly and that's why FOMO is the best way to create and retain attention for prolonged periods. From the start of the airdrop till the end of the $NFT2 life-cycle, the $NFT2 token FOMO is designed to trail-blaze with "FOMO-Adrenalin"! To make FOMO fade last a series of "news-drops" will keep the $NFT2 momentum going on until it realizes the right amount of awareness and spread out.


$NFT2 has a fixed supply of 21.0B ERC-20 tokens out of which 14.0B tokens are claimed through the airdrop, but to ensure enough supply of $NFT2 token is available to obtain all utilities of Nftania, half of that amount ( 5.1B ) is made available to be directly bought before the trading phase via the pre-sale and other allocations. $NFT2 tokens are intended to be used as a utility token that gives access to all assets of the Nftanian ecosystem, these tokens can be thought of as coins inserted in a "vending machine" that exchanges these coins with the desired utility.

SOURCES OF $NFT2 TOKENSAs shown below, when both pools of $NFT2 start pouring into the total supply of $NFT2 it will amount to 21.0B in total. With this $NFT2 supply, the full NFTANIANS NFT collection can be bought with its two types the HEROES & CHAMPS. Also the $NFT2 tokens can also be converted to the fingerprint accepting NFTs "EGGS" or are representing the licenses to mint NFT2.0 tokens that will create the Nftania's EGG economy tantamount to the Internet of Goods.

EGG ANATOMYEGGS are a symbolic metaphor that happen also to be the name for an ERC-1155 NFT representing an “empty egg” that is yet to be "filled" with a real life physical asset fingerprint to be mined or "extracted" from the asset surface. Once an EGG is ready to be filled with a fingerprint, a new ERC-721 is generated in exchange for this EGG; the new "Hatched EGG" now carries the fingerprint of an asset. In retrospect an EGG is essentially a Mint Pass or "license" to create an NFT2.0 or "Hatched EGG" for one asset.

egg business modelsThe Genesis 1 EGGs collection is alone 150K EGGs, each EGG represents one license to mint NFT2.0 tokens for any fungible. When the fingerprint mining app is launched, EGG owners can mint their own NFT2.0 and create their own collections as well.

In addition to that main utility and with the goal of creating more value for our community, Nftania will be actively pursing collab opportunities with major brands that have vested interest in both the authenticity and the metaverse via NFTs. These collabs create higher demand for EGGs; any EGG participation can source such collabs by being randomly chosen.

$NFT2 DISTRIBUTIONBelow is the token distribution needed to mint Nftania's assets or utilities being the EGG licenses or the Nftanian NFT Collection. As can be noticed, the supply of 21.0B $NFT2 was chosen to feed and cover all the intended utility conversions made out of owning an $NFT2 utility token.

BENEFITS OF OWNING A NFTANIAN NFTOwning a Nftanian goes well beyond owning a normal NFT from a collection. Besides being a unique kind of NFTs, the Nftanians act like EGG distributors and brand ambassadors for NFT2.0. The Nftanians are not just "another" NFT collection; by owning one you get:

Smart contract based perpetual royalties on all EGGs minted in Genesis 1 totaling to 150K EGGs.

Nftanians will have special access and privileges to the NFTANIA DAO containing all invitation-only partner celebrities minted assets as NFT2.0.

Being native citizens of Nftania; Nftanians can invite others via Nftania's immigration program, where a NFtanian can host any PFP NFT to upgrade it to NFT2.0, by doing so a Nftanian earns special royalties on these immigrant. (This program is still under revision for final approval).

$NFT2 CONVERSION RATIOSBecause having a fair launch scheme is one of $NFT2 main characteristics, the $NFT2 drop was designed to allow all community members to participate in the drop and buy Nftanians NFT collection at mint price "prior to $NFT2 public trading" and not at floor "after listing $NFT2". That's why a presale stage was made available prior to listing $NFT2 tokens on DEXs. Also converting $NFT2 tokens will be made possible after some "sufficient" time of $NFT2 being listed on DEXs. The conversion ratios of $NFTs to their respective utility are shown as below:

$NFT2 LIFECYCLENow that the bigger picture became more clear and the relationship between $NFT2 tokens and Nftania's ecosystem is established, its beneficial to view the overall $NFT2 life-cycle from the time of minting till conversion, this cycle is pictorially depicted as a self-explanatory illustration. Its worth to note that there are two path colors in the life cycle; the white and green. The white shows the life cycle at the time when $NFT2 tokens are in circulation, while the green path color denotes that all $NFT2 in circulation returned back to the treasury; i.e were converted to utility.

HEROES VS CHAMPSThe Nftanian are the crown jewel of Nftania land; how come not be the true heroes and they were the actual protectors of the fingerprints discovery! As an owner of a Nftanian NFT you become a native citizen of Nftania, but at Nftania not all citizen are the same! The heroes are the ones that were the pioneers, which are few, but enough of them was needed to defend Nftania against Ego-Lords. As such they have superior privileges, qualities and traits compared to Champs who followed the footsteps of the Heroes in defending Nftania's legacy and future.

Here under is a detailed comparison for the readers to entertain, between the Champs and Heroes:

THE $NFT2 RAFFLE SYSTEMIt is well known that minting NFT collections with high anticipated demand can yield undesirable and prohibitive gas fees that many NFT projects has suffered from in the past One of the effective ways to counteract that or avoid it altogether is through a Raffle system that randomly selects (in an On-Chain verifiable manner) the winners for the NFT collection provided these are holders of enough $NFT2 to mint their NFTANIAN utility PFPs.

APPLE II: THE WORLD'S FIRST NFT2.0The Apple II represents a turning point in the history of computing as it has been known to be the igniter of mainstream adoption of personal computers. That's why Nftania has selected the renowned Apple pioneer Steve Wozniak to inaugurate the unleashing of the "World's First NFT 2.0" which is an actual Apple II computer as signal to what NFT2.0's mission is all about; Bringing NFTs to mainstream.

In resemblance for its importance, and marking the launch of NFT2.0; the Apple II will be made into the world's most important mosaic NFT. By dividing the Apple II ERC-721 NFT into many ERC-1155 NFTs forming fractional NFTs of pixels; each pixel "NFT" will make up the one giant mosaic of the Apple II ERC-721 NFT that contains the unique verifiable fingerprint of the physical AppleII on chain. The mosaic of the AppleII NFT will represent a historical masterpiece that the community will build and later decide from within the AppleII DAO all matters related to it.


The total token supply of $NFT2 is a fixed 21.0B token supply. This total can be decomposed into four main categories, the Airdrop, the Presale, the Team&Investors, and Company supplies. The Airdrop is standing at 2/3 the token supply along (i.e.: 14B tokens). The rest 1/3 is shared between the team&investors, company and presale allocations as shown below.

The below table summarizes the token allocations, with this tabular view, each allocation is clearly indicated with the adjacent percentage of the total token supply.

TOKEN PRICINGEvery thing in Nftania Land is purchased with $NFT2 tokens; the NFTANIANS NFTs and the license to mint NFT2.0 "the EGGS". Here is the "pricing" list for every asset in NFTANIA

TOKENS EMISSION TIMELINE$NFT2 tokens release passes through three main stages that can very well overlap, after these stages complete, $NFT2 will be ready to be be listed on any DEX. The three stages also have adaptive timeline ranges that can shrink and expand accordingly, these stages are:

1. THE AIRDROP: Airdropping will continue up-to a max period of 45 days; depending on the market response, the Airdrop may end much faster and in effect closes in a shorter period of time.

2. THE PRE-SALE: During or after the Airdrop stage where the designated 14.0B tokens would have been mostly given out to its owners, the Pre-Sale starts. At this stage the preferred selling price will be (0.56 ETH/100k) of $NFT2 tokens, giving advantage of $NFT2 sales to early Nftania members and creating a substantial liquidity pool that will be set up to 3.70B NFT2 token pairs with an initial $NFT2 token listing price of (0.7ETH/100k) at time of listing on the DEX which will top up the presale price.

LIQUIDITY POOLAutomatic liquidity pool creation and locking after passing a threshold from the presale
sales proceeds

The $NFT2 tokenomics aims at minimizing the pump and dump negative effects of having a mere token traded on an exchange. Having an NFT collection in liquid form such as $NFT2 is one way to achieve that. Apart from being able to Airdrop and spread an ERC-20 more effectively than a limited ERC-721, having the NFTANIAN collection in temporary convert-able ERC-20 form provides more alternatives for its holders, most importantly the dump resistance and abandonment of tokens below a support price line.

The more conversion of $NFT2 to NFT forms happens, the higher the increase in demand, as the token becomes more deflationary. On the other hand, having an $NFT2 with dual nature or being a "two sides of the same coin" with another NFT asset class, makes $NFT2 tokens incur the intrinsic value of those NFTs apart from the speculative pricing of $NFT2 dictated by supply & demand and $NFT2 trading hopefully shifts into more like "floor" price discovery of the embedded NFTs. If this works out as intended, the token dynamics will have a dump damper "support against a breakdown point" that can maintain floor prices of the embedded two NFTs within $NFT2, which are: The ERC 1155 "EGG" NFT and the ERC-721 NFTANIAN with both its CHAMP and HERO variant NFT collections.

As mentioned earlier, and after the token is already ready listed on DEXs, the door will be open for raffle applicants to convert their $NFT2s into its respective utilities; essentially it becomes up to the holders of $NFT2 to decide how to move forward with their $NFT2 portfolios and what strategy of choice their portfolios' structure can have. For example a native crypto "hustler" may choose to opt for $NFT2 trading and have little or no interest in the NFT counterpart of the $NFT tokens, another participant; say an occasional NFT trader may opt for a mix between more EGG NFTs and less tradable $NFT2 tokens. Last but not least, a veteran NFT collector will go all-in for the NFT collection and maximize ownership of NFTANIANS. Not a financial advice by any means ;) the latter only present different ways of portfolio strategies that can be pursued and played out throughout the life-cycle of the $NFT2 tokens.

Whether $NFT2 tokens are handed to an Airdrop beneficiary or are acquired through presale ; holders will have their $NFT2 tokens in a temporarily illiquid state only for a short period of time. Reason being: The Liquidity Pool for $NFT2s cannot yet be put out on any DEX whether during or directly after the Airdrop until the presale stage concludes. Contrary to crypto ICOs , where a presale prevails during trading, $NFT2 operates differently. Hereunder is a detailed explanation how this freezing-unfreezing mechanism of $NFT2 brings about a multitude of benefits to the community of $NFT2 holders.

BUILDING MOMENTUMBuilding momentum leads to the increase in the trading volume of $NFT2 as the token amasses popularity. One way to ensure this happens prior to any "trade" opening, is the temporary freezing of the tokens until the project gains traction and harnesses the full outreach of the Twitter Airdrop campaign as virality and FOMO fuel the highest demand for $NFT2 prior to its trade launch.

Giving the time for $NFT2 holders to strategize their preferred portfolio scenario is beneficial for attaining the max utility out from $NFT tokens, as such knowing before hand about the different prospects of owning an $NFT2 allows one to strategize their $NFT2 portfolio composition and its thereof allocations and categories. As such token owners will effectively start allotting how much is for trading, how much is for "hodling" and how much is for NFT2.0 collection purchases.

PREVENT PRICE SHORTINGContrary to normal crypto ICOs that have an ongoing public sale during the "trading" phase, $NFT2 is not a crypto currency but is a utility token and that's a major distinction. When $NFT2 presale stops and does not continue after "trade opening day" it protects $NFT2 holders from price dilution and shorting due to, otherwise, the massive surge of supply of $NFT2 at a fixed price equal to the "mint price", which if happens gives an unfair advantage to the highly liquid crypto traders who are interested only in pump-and-dump activities and not in the aftermath utility, because they have no equal interests in the intrinsic value of $NFT2 token nor its utility in curating NFTANIAN NFTs and EGGs in general.
On the other hand, selling from the presale supply during "trading" on market price is also not a viable solution to that latter challenge! As this will raise the "mint price" to match that of the instantaneous market price of the $NFT2 token, creating an unfair disadvantage to NFT collectors who are always keen to buy $NFT2 at mint price. As such, any $NFT2 that will not be sold in presale will remain in the treasury and will not be released into circulation. The only viable solution would be to temporarily freeze the tokens until whatever supply gets sold through the presale, without letting anyone create a personal pool of $NFT2 on whatever price this owner sees fit! Obviously that would sabotage the mint price offering of the two NFT collections that convert out of $NFT2.

$NFT2 PRICE PROTECTIONGiven the fact that "anyone" can arbitrarily create their $NFT2 liquidity pools on any DEX; a counter measure setup must be in place to protect the the price point of $NFT not to go below the target "trading price" for the public trading stage. This measure is the act of freezing the tokens till a certain date whereby the primary liquidity pool of Nftania would have been realized. Protecting the price by setting the Liquidity Pool Price at "mint price " preserves the lucrative value of the $NFT2 token prior to any exchanges, especially that the liquidity pool amount will come from the presale stage proceeds and not inducted by the smart contract creator or owner in this case Nftania itself. UNFREEZE IS FULLY DECENTRALIZEDIn a freeze mode, all $NFT2tokens become temporarily not tradable or "transferable" to other entities; because the $NFT2 smart contract did not grant all transfer rights yet, $NFT2s are said to be in frozen state while they reside in the wallets of their holders. Though, to be a fully decentralized operation; granting the full rights of disposal to $NFT2 owners will be totally autonomous and permissionless as the token freeze state will automatically unlock "unfreeze" in a timed fashion. After a defined number of days or liquidity target is realized all tokens can become free to move anywhere and be owned by anyone. Also Nftania, the smart contract owner, can manually unfreeze before the designated time if needed, but cannot interfere or stop the automatic unfreeze by any means. In all cases whatever comes first, prevails and will execute the inevitable tokens unfreezing event.

TEAM's, Investors & Copmany vesting schedule According to the  $NFT2 token allocation, 3.9B $NFT2 tokens are allocated for team members, early supporters and strategic investors and the company operations. To make sure this supply is vested and not released all at once into the trading pool, vesting is practiced on these token with a gradual release over a period of 120 days as shows  below.

Not all of these tokens will be intended for trading purposes, a minimum of 53%+ will be preserved as a long term investment to be converted into a Nftania's NFTs (Heroes, Champs, & Eggs).