nft 2.0 technology

fingerprints IN A NUTSHELL


nft 2.0 TURNs any fungible into a non-FunGible
TOKEN with a snap shot of a phone !

PROBLEMWhen it comes to owning an NFT for a piece of art or any IRL object , collectors and creators face a big challenge: How to make sure that the asset at hand belongs to the same bought NFT? It becomes a matter of authenticity and provenance that this real life asset has to exhibit against a particular NFT.
CURRENT SOLUTIONSTraditional solutions usually involve printing some sort of a QR code on the asset to somehow point to the said NFT, but that bridge between a printed tag and its counterpart NFT is prone to many vulnerabilities that makes it easily breakable or even worse; to become easily faked tag on another copycat asset; since QR codes are cloneable and mutable by nature. Moreover, being trust needing "tokens", they are said to be very centralized tagging technology and not suitable for the web3 era.
FINGERPRINT SOLUTIONBuilding a dependable and unbreakable bridge between NFTs and all sorts of objects is where fingerprints really shine. In contrast to QR-codes, with fingerprints; no one needs to print a "code" in order to tag an object, the "code" is already there sitting naturally on the surfaces' of all objects! With a smartphone camera, these surface imperfections can be utilized to create a unique "fingerprint" that is unclonable, trustless (i.e. no one is "trusted" to put it on the surface) and most importantly decentralized as users can interact and directly probe fingerprints that are found in most known fungibles.
FINGERPRINTS' ADVANTAGESWith latter being said, Fingerprints are kind next gen cutting edge technology that behaves as an invisible "QR-codes" and that can suit web3 applications perfectly; the patented fingerprint technology behind NFT 2.0 is what makes NFT2.0 so inclusive to tokenizing all kinds of assets wherever nonfungibles or fungibles, physical or digital, as its next to impossible to have two identical fingerprints even in the most fungible man made objects like banknotes.