The motivesNFTs have made a spectacular entrance to our world that at the least can be described as frenzy ; having the crypto community took by a storm,  "NFTs" have been called the "Word of the Year" according to Collins Dictionary. Looking forward, we wonder whether the year 2022 would witness a new comeback for NFTs that would make NFTs center stage again. If anything would bring NFTs to reemerge even more prominently, that thing would be their appeal to the mainstream, and this is exactly where new concepts like NFT2.0 come into play.

Even with all the traction that NFTs have achieved; there are voices among "maximalists" and many NFT cheerleaders calling for a clear utility away from pride tokenization and ego-trading, not to mention rug-pulls and scams. While the NFT community is still cherishing the brilliance of rarity based NFTs, they’re doing so while assuring each other that the honeymoon days are just ahead of us, promising to tokenize anything from rarity to every opportunity!

However, as we are getting sober from the NFT-mania, hence the name of our project NFTania; we're on a mission to attempt put actions to words with the goal to change how we look, use and deal with NFTs, hence; this manifesto is set to describe and present a plan in the form of a road map towards mass utility and adoption of NFTs.

We believe apart from any high hopes and beliefs, still serious leapfrogging work on the ground is needed to bring about the real potential of NFTs. Specifically, we like to think of NFTs as great universal tokenizers that traverse different generations (NFT1.0, NFT2.0 ,... ) Now we are in NFT1.0, that is all about tokenizing rarity.

What Nftania is trying to achieve is launch NFT2.0, which will be all about tokenizing utility and hence become the engine for the Internet of Goods or Assets. According to our school of thought, the most viable way to achieve that goal, is via properly address a larger class of assets which is know to be utility rich - and that class is namely the fungible assets. NFT2.0 has to bring the same beauty, elegance and trustless way that NFT1.0s did when tokenizing rarities of non-fungible assets.

As one may envision, encompassing the larger universe around us with more NFT use cases is a dream coming true for our NFT community. The world literally is made up of billions of assets-many of which are fungibles- which fraction are made NFT-able, this will start a new trajectory towards the next 1.0 Billion users in the coming decade or less.

Expanding the NFT user base necessitates a parallel work at the innovation stack to governs all assets. To achieve that mission, we are creating the next enabler to NFT all assets, especially those of fungible nature nature with no prerequisite or change or addition on these assets via devising a ubiquitous universal NFT2.0 minting setup.

As we do that, we keep our fingers crossed that this project will pave the way for even greater work and a future where NFT marketplaces using NFT2.0 with say north of 500k between collectors and creators can expand into a comparable customer base like that of at least as eBay where 165 million buyers become possible!
THE STORYNFTania is a story about all of us, a narrative about contentment, pride and ego, a story about finding true happiness and fulfillment from within.

We have chosen to tell the story of NFTania as a parable, after all NFT is all about art, so the story of NFT2.0 was made to be in a realistic fiction narrative.

The story takes place in a timeless setting and hypothetical fantasia in a place called Nftania, where creatures called Nftanians live and start their search for identity and recognition. In analogy to the NFT community and marketplace the story plots a series of events and struggle to denounces ego "enslaving" and at the same time  reveal the greater good in the NFT cause.

At first, Nftanians begin flooding the streets of NFTania when they thought they’ve found true meaning, mistaking ego with happiness and promised eternity; they start following the Ego Lords temptations to pursue the maximum of egos possible. At one point, Nftanians become prisoners of their own ego and must be saved or else they will be doomed and cursed for eternity.

That’s when one Nftanian, a child resembling the symbol of innocence and purity, decides to save NFtania by a blissful wish, an unselfish wish that utterly makes nature speak its beauties and reveal its charm within. At that moment Nftanians are set free, but still more must be done to fulfill true meaning away from the shadows of ego and its possessive illusions.

Heroes play a central role as the Guardians of NFTania, being the Heroes of Nftaina they must defend Nftanians’ Holy Grail, which is the ledger of nature’s beauties encapsulating all identifiable fingerprints in their universe. Heroes are called upon to help confront their previous enslavers; the Ego Lords.

Now, when thousands of Nftanian characters are equally minted as Heroes they prevail and, therefore, Nftania is ultimately saved.

The result of spreading and not commoditizing synthetic uniqueness “rarity” reveals how everything is special in its own way and our ability to recognize that is what makes things precious in the first place. Eventually that is the true meaning that Nftanians realize and learn to appreciate in their long journey they first set out to explore trying to find true meaning and self-identity. In their epic journey they become discoverers of not only true meaning, but also how to find happiness in contentment.

The last part of the story invites Champs to the scene; acting as ambassadors of the cause, Champs are those who carry the baton - or a mining rig- that has the magical capabilities of probing fingerprints out of all surroundings and carry this legacy on to generations to carry on the beliefs and values their ancestor Heroes unveiled and defended before.

Anyone can take part in NFTania land as long as true meaning emanates from within and not from other peoples' opinion and self image, the new paradigm shift departs from narrow perspective that NFTs are the tokenizers of rarity and egos to the wider perspective that its the tokenizer of beauty and ethos.
REAL WORLD APPLICATIONSJust imagine the possibilities; NFT-ing Mohammad's Ali gloves, or Kobe Bryant's shirt or Tom Brady's Helmet; we are essentially teleporting physical items through their unclonable inherent and intrinsic identities, while in the process encapsulating their essence and recording it in a digital decentralized record.

As a matter of fact, our physical world around us is full of dear and cherished belongings; perhaps it's your dog’s leash or your favorite horse saddle, or a piece of contemporary art or even your 6 years old daughter’s refrigerator drawing. It could be a gift from your grandmother granted to your fiancé, a perfume from your loved one, a watch or your late father's lighter. Large parts of us were and still are defined by these items, and there is no better place to keep these and share our stories with but as NFTs.

These attachments are nostalgic in nature, but each one of those represents an authentic collection of your own legacy and your life story. At NFtania, we are organizing for each person a digital record or ledger, similar to one’s social identity, to protect and share everybody’s valuable belongings we carry throughout our lives with the proof for their ingenuity and originality.

Your identity can now be your own collection and not merely a fancy avatar or a pfp on your twitter account you just acquired, but instead a true image made up of who you are and what makes up your meaning in this chaotic yet beautiful world.

HOW NFTANIA'S MAGIC WORKS?A closer look at our surroundings we have found a mesmerizing fact, each item that we can interact with in physical existence has naturally unique fingerprints all over its surface.

We have found a way to read and codify these fingerprints and put them to use as a representative of each object. Moreover, these fingerprints have been found to be resilient microstructure engravings by virtue of their 3D making. Also  most importantly, they are unclonable, immutable and cannot be counterfeit unlike its QR Codes and RFID tags counterparts, these are the product of nature’s beauty in its purest artistic form that was just lending itself to us !

These fingerprints are the dream of every entrepreneur; they involve no distribution, no sticker, no nothing! The product is already ubiquitous and omnipresent in all items just waiting to be mined and minted by the most mainstream product humanity has ever known: The smartphone.

Having something so ubiquitous and omnipresent, establishes a platform that is universal, what is even more interesting, is that fingerprints do not require a special apparatus of its own, a smartphone equipped with the right app having the NFT2.0 algorithms will suffice to read, encode and retrieve the relevant fingerprint in a matter of milliseconds.

Currently we are experimenting with different form factors of the so-called mining rig- depending on each market the form may vary in terms of design but the functionality would remain the same; to read fingerprints off objects and fetch for the matching fingerprint "DNA" in relevant NFT2.0 tokens.

For the purpose of our launch, the NFTanian characters were purposefully designed to make there fingerprints on their bases readable; whereby a user can read off the fingerprint and test the concept by themselves; we thought it would be cool to give our community a first hand experience for what we like to call NFT 2.0.

For more on our road map, please read at our website the depicted roadmap towards making this project a mainstream and hopefully the big success we aspire to.

Hope WAGMI !